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Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument - Facilities - Fuel Storage

US National Park Service
  • Added 28 Sep 2016

This vector point file shows the location of fuel storage containers. The fuel storage area contains two 300 gallon tanks, one for diesel fuel and one for unleaded gasoline. This feature was GPS collected with a Trimble GeoXT receiver on September 14, 2010 and was differentially corrected the following day.

This layer is a component of Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument.

This map service provides layers covering a variety of different datasets and themes for the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. It is meant to be consumed by internet mapping applications and for general reference. It is for internal NPS use only. Produced January, 2014.

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Technical Details

Layer ID 13740
Data type Vector point
Feature count 1
Attributes GPS_Time, What, Feat_Name, Comments, Filt_Pos, PatchLengt, Std_Dev, Max_HDOP, Rcvr_Type, Update_Sta, SiteDescri, Datafile, Corr_Type, Unfilt_Pos, Horz_Prec, Max_PDOP, GPS_Second, PatcvhWidt, GPS_Week, GPS_Date, Data_Dicti
Services Vector Query API


Added 28 Sep 2016 ago
Last checked 1 Sep 2018 ago
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