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Wellington City Wind Zones

Wellington City Council
  • Added 18 May 2010
  • Updated 15 May 2012

Wind Zones for the Wellington City Urban Areas using NZS3604:2011. When applying for a building consent, the wind zone in which a structure is located determines structural
requirements (New Zealand Building Code - NZBC B1 - Structure) and weather tight requirements (NZBC E2 - External Moisture). Wind zone information was compiled by CLC Consulting Group Ltd in 2012. For more information about wind zones contact Building Consents and Licensing Services.

Wind Codes and Wind Zones:
1 Low Wind (L)
2 Medium Wind (M)
3 High Wind (H)
4 Very High Wind (VH)
5 Specific Design (zone outside the scope of NZS3604:2011)
6 Extra High (EH)
1000 Unknown


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Added 18 May 2010
Last updated 15 May 2012
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