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Wellington City 1m Contours (2009)

Wellington City Council
  • Added 23 Jun 2010

1m contours for urban Wellington including Makara Beach and Makara Village. Based on a DTM created from 2006 LiDAR and updated using 2009 photogrammetry masspoints and breaklines where significant changes in the terrain were detected. WCC generalised the contours by up to 0.2m in order to reduce the number of vertices in the dataset. Contours generated from LiDAR and photogrammetry should not be used for detailed engineering design.


Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 New Zealand

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1. Contours 1m Metadata 15.4 KB pdf


CategoryContours & Terrain > Contours
Tagstopography, elevation, landform, Contours
RegionsWellington City
MetadataISO 19115/19139, Dublin Core

Technical Details

Layer ID 1479
Collection date 1 Mar 2006 to 4 Mar 2009.
Data type Vector linestring
Feature count 238203
Elevation Z (elevation)
Attributes SOURCE, elevation, MajorLine
Services Vector Query API, Atom Feed


Added 23 Jun 2010
Last updated 23 Jun 2010
Revisions 1 - Browse all revisions
Current revision Imported on June 23, 2010 from Shapefile in NZGD2000 / New Zealand Transverse Mercator 2000. 1 message. Changelog.
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