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Recreational Gold Fossicking Areas

  • Added 04 Jul 2010

Vector data for the sixteen areas set aside in the South Island of New Zealand where anyone can freely enjoy recreational gold mining without the need for a mining permit. These areas are known as gold fossicking areas and have been designated under the Crown Minerals Act 1991.

For further information go to the Crown Minerals website


CategoryPoints of Interest
TagsOtago, South Westland, Greymouth, Reefton, Nelson, Westport, Hokitika, St Arnaud, Ross

Technical Details

Layer ID 1497
Data type Vector multipolygon
Feature count 15
Attributes ID, ID2, Number, Exclusive, DurationY, DurationM, AreaUnit, Offshore, Status, StatusDate, Location, Commodity, TypeCode, Type, MPYear, Subsequent, Allocation, Commenceme, Expiry, Granted, Operation, PERMIT_REN, Received, Owner, CONTEST_CO, area2, len, TypeI, BranchesI, Coordinate, XI, YI, LongitudeI, LatitudeI, LengthI, AreaI, BearingI, SelectionM, SelectionI, VersionI
Services Vector Query API


Added4 Jul 2010
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