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Fishing and Caution Lines
  • Added 30 Aug 2016

Digital version of the Anglers' Guide to the United States Atlantic Coast

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Digital version of the Anglers' Guide to the United States Atlantic Coast. This is a digital conversion of the National Marine Fisheries Service original hardcopy anglers' atlases between the years of 1974-1976 to assist the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) in marine spatial planning efforts, specifically the siting of renewable energy projects on the outer continental shelf (OCS). Other elements from this guide have been pulled out into geospatial data including caution points, lines, and areas, as well as a digital map index. These all can be downloaded from


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RegionsDelaware, Florida, Charleston County, Chatham County, Dorchester County, Jasper County, Talbot County, Waccamaw
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