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Created as part of a 2012 BOEM study on OCS renewable energy space-use conflicts, this data contains the commercial and recreational fishing locations off the Pacific coast of Washington, Oregon and California. The purpose of the study was to begin to identify potential space-use conflicts between OCS renewable energy development and other uses of the ocean environment and recommend measures that BOEM can implement in order to promote avoidance or mitigation of such conflicts, thereby facilitating responsible and efficient development of OCS renewable energy resources. The ethnographic data was created by engaging individuals and small groups in one on one guided discussions, and making handwritten shapes on paper maps to depict fishing locations. These commercial and recreational fishing locations have since been condensed into a single layer.

This layer is a component of WestCoast_Layers.

The layers found in this service were prioritized by the West Coast office as being relevant for ocean planning. These layers can also be found within


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RegionsCalifornia, Oregon, Washington
MetadataDublin Core

Technical Details

Layer ID 15454
Data type Vector polygon
Feature count 750
Attributes Sum_of_Reported_Species, Crab, Commercial, Sablefish, Recreational, Salmon, Shrimp, Depth, Halibut, Groundfish, Tuna, Spot_Prawn
Services Vector Query API


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