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Street Propositions - Alleys
  • Added 01 Sep 2016

Alley centerline. Key fields to consider when using this file: WIDTH: width of alley Various fields towards end of file relate to Field Inspector program. NAMING CONVENTION: Generally the alley is named for the street to the south or west of the alley. Since this is not always possible the 'RELLOC' field designates the relative location of the alley to the street. For example the alley north of Princeton Dr is named Princeton with the RELLOC of N.Metadata edited 09/2014

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Contains features related to the 2015 Bond Program which includes streets, traffic signals, traffic improvements, playground and building enhancements



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Technical Details

Layer ID 15552
Data type Vector linestring
Feature count 29
Attributes Project_MA, Street_Name, WIDTH, Score, Shape_STLength, Request_ID, Sewer_WO_Count, Percentage, Project_ID, Water_WO_Count, Fail_In_Ft, SOURCE, Facility_ID, Block, Project_MI, Relative_Location, Project_LE, Failed_Total, Route_ID, Length, Street_Type, Construction_Year, Last_Editor, Project_SC, Shape_Length, Year_Complete, Last_Edited_Date
Services Vector Query API


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