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Street Propositions - LocalStreet
  • Added 01 Sep 2016

Street centerlines digitized from orthophotos from the North Central Texas Council of Govenments (NCTCOG). Updated from subdivision maps as new roads are added.Road Centerline contains 2 centerlines for roads with medians and may be used to calculate lane miles.Geocoding for the Police Department should use the Alias attribute field. Key fields to consider when using this file: MTFCC: (MAF/TIGER Feature Class Code) Field updated 10/2014 based on the classification description and not the values in the Census data. Codes existing in this field include: S1100 (Primary Road), S1200 (Secondary Road), S1400 (Local Neighborhood Rd, Rural Rd, or City Street), S1630 (Ramp), S1640 (Service Rd along highway), S1740 (Private Road for service vehicles (logging, oil fields, ranches, etc.)) More Info about MTFCC CodesROADCLASS: refers to the street classification used in the Master Transportation Plan by Development Services. Class is determined by the connectivity and amount of volume. This field was updated 10/2014. See MetaData folder in GIS_Share for more detailed information about road classes.LABEL: Full street name for labeling OWNER NAME: field should be used to plot private streets.ONEWAY: B - Both directions of travel, F indicates a one-way street only permitting travel in the digitized direction of the edge. T indicates a one-way street only permitting travel against the digitized direction of the edge. requestid: refers to the Capital Project number in the CP database. COUNTID is used by traffic to track traffic volume. ROUTEID: refers to the unique and fixed number which identifies the street segment with the surrounding location for routing by Route Smart. If new streets require this number to be changed the Route Smart master file must be updated. Notify the GIS personel in charge of routing.'Balmoral' does not have a street type such as Rd, Ln, Way, etcmetadata edited 03/2015

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Contains features related to the 2015 Bond Program which includes streets, traffic signals, traffic improvements, playground and building enhancements



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Layer ID 15558
Data type Vector linestring
Feature count 10
Attributes Owner_Name, Street_Name, Zip_on_Right, Right_of_Way, Label, Speed_Limit, Request_ID, Street_Alias, Federal_Route_Type, Road_Class, Left_To_Address, Municipality_on_Right, Lanes, State_Route, Right_To_Address, Zip_on_Left, State_Route_Type, Federal_Route, Census_MTFCC_Code, Municipality_on_Left, MSAG_on_Left, MSAG_on_Right, Maintained_By, One_Way_Indicator, Full_Road_Name, Creation_Date, Route_ID, Street_Type, CrackSeal, Last_Editor, Block, Above_or_Below_Grade, Surface_Type, Shape_Length, Last_Edited_Date, Year_Built, Right_From_Address, Creator, Left_From_Address, Count_ID, Centerline_ID, Clean_Sweep, Year_Repaired, Owned_By, Street_Direction, In_Water, Shape_STLength
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