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A trail or path used for walking or leisurely cycling.Fields to consider:TRAILTYPE: Multi-Use, Primitive, Soft Surface, Walking. Multi-Use is 8' or larger paths that can be used for leisurely biking, walking, etc. Primitive is non-paved dirt trails. Soft Surface is a path with some kind of material on it aside from dirt -such as decomposed granite. Walking is a path that is narrow and not recommended for cyclists.EXISTING: (Yes/No) signifies where the path is existing or a future path. OWNEDBY: has info about the asset owner (Domain codes: 1 = our agency, -1 = Private, -2 = other).Metadata edited 09/2014

© City of Richardson
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Multi-Use, primitive, and walking trails in Richardson, Tx. Multi-Use indicates that the trail is 8' or wider and can be used for leisurely bicycling. Walking trails are less than 8' in width and primitive trails are unpaved trails (both are for walking only).

© City of Richardson


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RegionsThe Hills Of Breckenridge
MetadataDublin Core

Technical Details

Layer ID 15624
Data type Vector multilinestring
Feature count 426
Attributes Trail_Type, STLength, Skill_Level, Life_Cycle_Status, Facility_Identifier, Path_Width, Hiking_Allowed, Trail_Name, Condition, Creation_Date, Managed_By, Cycling_Allowed, Last_Editor, Path_Length_Ft, Surface_Type, Major, Creator, Install_Date, Existing, Owned_By, Last_Edited_Date
Services Vector Query API


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