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The NCTCOG 2005 railroad data contained 16 counties in the North Central Texas Council of Governments region. The polylines within a 5 mile selection from the city of Richardson boundaries were kept. Features were rectified to the latest aerial photography available for each county during the years 1998-2001. Collin, Dallas, Denton, Rockwall and Tarrant counties were based on orthos with a relative accuracy of 2 feet. The remaining counties were based on orthos with a 5- to 10-foot relative accuracy. This file is for reference use only. NCTCOG and its members are not responsible for errors or accuracy in the files. LGM Description: The centerline of the railroads traveled way used to move passengers and freight.metadata edited 07/2014

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A set of traffic tips updated weekly. These tips help citizens know where construction projects and lane closures are going to be and how long they are going to last. These tips are updated every Tuesday.

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MetadataDublin Core

Technical Details

Layer ID 15769
Data type Vector multilinestring
Feature count 14
Attributes Railroad_Use, Last_Editor, STLength, Creator, RailroadName, Railroad_Type, Creation_Date, LOCATION, Active, Last_Edited_Date, In_Water, Double_Track, Above_or_Below_Grade
Services Vector Query API


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