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Parks & Recreation - Sherman Parks
  • Added 02 Sep 2016

Polygons that represent the boundary or management area for significant facilities in a community. Examples include schools, government facilities, stadiums, casinos, and fire stations. Additional information about each Facility can be organized in to seperate tables and related to these locations using the FacilityID key. The feature classification and type schema for the facility sites grew out of work with the Department of Homeland Security's HSIP Program and has evolved to support a diverse set of facilities inventoried for a variety of uses by a local government.

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RegionsNorthwest Grayson
MetadataDublin Core

Technical Details

Layer ID 16393
Data type Vector multipolygon
Feature count 20
Attributes COMMENT, SUBTYPEFIE, VOL_PAGE, STArea, STLength, OBJECTID, FILE_NO, Address, ACRES, Name_of_Facility, Feature_Code, DATE_ACQUI, Last_Update_Date, Owner_Type, Last_Editor
Services Vector Query API


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