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City of Sherman, TX Sewer Manholes

City of Sherman, Texas
  • Added 02 Sep 2016
  • Updated 04 Oct 2018

Manhole features connect two or more pipes and control the flow of water in the network through pipe elevations. Manhole invert elevations are stored on the pipes, instead of the manholes themselves.

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RegionsSouthwest Grayson
MetadataDublin Core

Technical Details

Layer ID 16466
Data type Vector point
Feature count 4427
Attributes Active_Flag, Field_Condition, Rim_Elevation, Invert, Invert_Elevation, Water_Type, Legacy_ID, GASKET, Service_Tap, last_edited_date, Last_Editor, Life_Cycle, CONDITION_DATE, Facility_ID, Pavement_Cut_Depth, SURVEYED, Wall_Material, Flow_Summary, Comment, Cover_Type, Access_Diameter, Rain_Guard, Last_Update_Date, Enabled, Manhole_Type, Managed_By, Lined, High_Pipe_Elevation, Cover_Manufacturer, Flow_Direction, Install_Date, created_user, Location_Description, GPS_Date, Owned_By, last_edited_user, created_date
Services Vector Query API


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