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Larger development projects and Site Development permits that are currently active in the City of Round Rock

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RegionsLiberty Hill-Cedar Park

Technical Details

Layer ID 17791
Data type Vector point
Feature count 111
Attributes City, Prefix_Directional, UIDCP, Permit_Status, UIDGT, Label, Road_Type, Permit_Address, Road_Travel_Direction, Type_of_Permit, Status, UID, GlobalID, Address_Number, sde_ROUND_ROCK_address_last_edited_user, Postal_Community, sde_ROUND_ROCK_address_last_edited_date, sde_ROUND_ROCK_address_created_user, Other_Info, Collection_Method, Segment_ID, Full_Road_Name, Notes, WCAD_RCODE, Updating_Agency, ESN, UIDLE, Road_Alias, Road_Name, Address_ID, Permit_Description, UIDWC, PARCEL_UID, County, UID_1, sde_ROUND_ROCK_address_created_date, Road_Suffix, Permit_Number, Address_Type, Unit, Zip_Code
Services Vector Query API


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