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10 Sep 2016

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Blue Whale


This layer is a component of Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Distribution by Lease Block.mxd.

The data was created by digitizing range information from public and agency sources. These sources include OBIS the Ocean Biogeographic System (, natural history guidebooks (National Audubon Society. 2002. Guide to Marine Mammals of the World), recovery and conservation plans, listing actions and status reports, and other agency sources. All resulting range polygons were then reviewed and approved by expert NMFS biologists specializing in the species and were finally approved by NMFS Office of Protected Resources management team. Range data include information on the range of all life stages. Offshore distances are approximate for some species as sampling and distribution information in deeper waters are often based on more limited and fragmentary evidence and studies.This dataset depicts the potential range of the species within the US Exclusive Economic Zone. Areas included may be used by only one or more life stages of the species so may not be occupied at all times or in all years or by all life stages. Common and/or other potential uses of this data set: Whenever Federal agencies authorize, fund, or carry out actions that may jeopardize the survival or recovery or affect listed critical habitat for an endangered species, they must consult with NMFS under Section 7 of the ESA. Federal agencies may not undertake, authorize or fund activities that are likely to adversely modify or destroy CH or jeopardize the continued existence of a species. If NMFS determines through consultation, that a proposed activity is likely to destroy or adversely modify critical habitat or jeopardize a species, it will work with the Federal agency to develop reasonable and prudent alternatives to the activity. These restrictions apply to those under U.S. jurisdiction in both the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone and on the high seas as well as to any project by a Federal agency worldwide. These range data may be used to help action agencies and other interested parties assess the potential for interactions with ESA listed species. The Marine Mammal Protection Act prohibits taking, possessing, or harassing all marine mammals by any person or vessel subject to U.S. jurisdiction on land, in the US Exclusive Economic Zone, and on the high seas. NMFS and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service issue authorizations to take marine mammals for specific activities including research, incidental take, harvest by native Alaskans, public display and education facilities, and stranding and emergency response operations. Other provisions apply to commercial fishery interactions with marine mammals. These range data may be useful to any of the above stakeholder groups. Effects on any of these species may also need to be considered when action agencies fulfill their responsibilities under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). These data may also be of assistance in that process. Data users can contact the NMFS Office of Protected Resources at (301) 713-1401 (Endangered Species) or (301) 713-2322 (Marine Mammal Protection Act) for further information or assistance.


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Regions Samoa, Kiribati, Bahamas, Haiti, Dominican Republic, United States of America
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