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An artificial reef is a human-made underwater structure, typically built to promote marine life in areas with a generally featureless bottom, control erosion, block ship passage, or improve surfing.
Many reefs are built using objects that were built for other purposes, for example by sinking oil rigs (through the Rigs-to-Reefs program), scuttling ships, or by deploying rubble or construction debris. Other artificial reefs are purpose built (e.g. the reef balls) from PVC or concrete. Shipwrecks may become artificial reefs when preserved on the sea floor. Regardless of construction method, artificial reefs generally provide hard surfaces where algae and invertebrates such as barnacles, corals, and oysters attach; the accumulation of attached marine life in turn provides intricate structure and food for assemblages of fish.
This is NOT a complete collection of artificial reefs on the seafloor, nor are the locations to be considered exact. The presence and location of the artificial reefs have been derived from multiple state websites. These data are intended for coastal and ocean planning.

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RegionsPuerto Rico, California, Hawaii, Bahamas

Technical Details

Layer ID 20868
Data type Vector point
Feature count 7683
Attributes Description, area, Reef_Name, Depth, Comments, Species, y, State, Reef_ID, Date, x, Clearance, Composition, Relief
Services Vector Query API


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