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  • Updated 30 Aug 2018

The usSEABED database contains data for the entire U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone and is an ongoing task of the Marine Aggregates Resources and Processes and National Benthic Habitats Studies (Pacific) projects, USGS Coastal and Marine Geology teams in Santa Cruz, CA, Woods Hole, MA, and St. Petersburg, FL, and the University of Colorado.

This data layer is a point coverage of known sediment samplings, inspections and probings from the usSEABED data collection and integrated using the software system dbSEABED. This data layer represents the extracted (EXT) output of the dbSEABED mining software. The EXT data is usually based on instrumental analyses (probe or laboratory) but may apply to just a subsample of the sediment (eg. no large shells).

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This layer is a component of Physical Oceanographic and Marine Habitat. themed service for public consumption featuring layers related to the Physical and Oceanographic and Marine Habitat themes.
This map service presents spatial information about services across the United States and Territories in the Web Mercator projection. The service was developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), but may contain data and information from a variety of data sources, including non-NOAA data. NOAA provides the information “as-is” and shall incur no responsibility or liability as to the completeness or accuracy of this information. NOAA assumes no responsibility arising from the use of this information. The NOAA Office for Coastal Management will make every effort to provide continual access to this service but it may need to be taken down during routine IT maintenance or in case of an emergency. If you plan to ingest this service into your own application and would like to be informed about planned and unplanned service outages or changes to existing services, please register for our Data Services Newsletter ( For additional information, please contact the NOAA Office for Coastal Management (



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RegionsPuerto Rico, California, Washington, Bahamas
MetadataDublin Core

Technical Details

Layer ID 20879
Data type Vector point
Feature count 46457
Attributes Sorting, Site_Name, Folk_Code, Shepard_Code, Carbonate, Grainsize, Mud, Sand, Porosity, Munsell_Code, Clay, Gravel, Water_Depth, Organic_Carbon
Services Vector Query API


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