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FAF domestic region level datasets and products provide information for states, state portions of large metropolitan areas, and remainders of states. Metropolitan areas consist of Metropolitan Statistical Areas or Consolidated Statistical Areas as defined by the Office of Management and Budget. When a metropolitan area is entirely within a state or when a state's portion of a multi-state metropolitan area is large enough to support the sampling procedures in the Commodity Flow Survey, the area becomes a separate FAF region. Small single-state metropolitan areas and small portions of a multi-state metropolitan area are part of the State or Remainder of State. FAF has two metropolitan areas that are each divided into three FAF regions, four that are each divided into two FAF regions, and several that have small pieces combined with States or Remainders of States.

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The spatial component of the FAF network is derived from National Highway System Version 2009.11 and contains state primary and secondary roads, National Highway System (NHS), National Network (NN) and several intermodal connectors as appropriate for the freight network modeling. The network consists of over 447,808 miles of equivalent road mileage. The data set covers the 48 contiguous States plus the District of Columbia, Alaska, and Hawaii. The nominal scale of the data set is 1:100,000 with a maximal positional error of ±80 meters.

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