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  • Added 21 Sep 2016
  • Updated 28 Aug 2018

This layer is a component of Transit Agencies by Activity (VOMS).

Transit Agencies Mapped by Vehicles Operated at Maximum Service and National Transit Map tables derived from GTFS files

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RegionsUnited States of America

Technical Details

Layer ID 22750
Data type Vector point
Feature count 849 (incl. 1 with empty or null geometries)
Attributes City, Density, Sq_Miles_X, Sq_Miles_Y, Fy_End_Date, State, Zip_Code_Ext, Service_Area_Sq_Mi, Po_Box, UZA_Name, Primary_UZA, Sq_Miles, Organization_Type, VOMS_DO, VOMS_PT, Reporter_Type, F5_digit_NTDID, Address_Line, Address_Line_2, Region, Population, FTA_Recipient_ID, URL, Reporter_Name, Service_Area_Sq_Mi_X, Service_Area_Sq_Mi_Y, Service_Area_Pop, VOMS, F4_digit_NTDID, Reporter_Acronym, Required_Reporter, Reporter_Status, Original_Due_Date, Zip_Code, Duns_Number
Services Vector Query API, Web Feature Service (WFS)


Added 21 Sep 2016 ago
Last checked 5 Sep 2018 ago
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