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Through a nationwide network of local coalitions, Clean Cities provides project assistance to help stakeholders in the public and private sectors deploy alternative and renewable fuels, idle-reduction measures, fuel economy improvements, and emerging transportation technologies. Department of Energy collects this data as part of the Projects undertaken by Clean Cities coalitions and stakeholders to ensure customers access to clean alternative energy. This data can be found at the Department of Energy Alternative Fuels Data Center Web Feature Service: Cities is the deployment arm of the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Vehicle Technologies Office.

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RegionsPortugal, Bahamas, United States of America

Technical Details

Layer ID 22795
Data type Vector point
Feature count 15882
Attributes EV_Other_I, City, Status_Cod, Station_Ph, Updated_At, Hydrogen_S, State, Latitude, Open_Date, EV_Netwo_1, Federal_Ag, Groups_Wit, Federal_1, NG_Fill_Ty, Station_Na, Owner_Type, LPG_Primar, Plus4, NG_Vehicle, Expected_D, ZIP, EV_Connect, EV_Network, Longitude, Geocode_St, Date_Last, EV_Level2, EV_Level1, Street_Add, ID, NG_PSI, Fuel_Type, BD_Blends, Cards_Acce, EV_DC_Fast, Access_Day, Intersecti, E85_Blende
Services Vector Query API, Web Feature Service (WFS)


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