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This is a public dataset for the Department of Transportation, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology's Bureau of Transportation Statistics. The public database consists of four tables. One of the tables is a spatial table: INTERMODAL_FACILITY. The three other tables consist of attribute data for the database: INTERMODAL_CARGO, INTERMODAL_COMMODITY and INTERMODAL_DIRECTIONALITY. This database was based on the requirements from the Commodity Flow Survey and with the different modes of DOT, supervised by OST-R/BTS. The database will extend its design to support all of the modes within the DOT and in reference to modes involved with Intermodal transfer.

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RegionsUnited States of America

Technical Details

Layer ID 22796
Data type Vector point
Feature count 3280
Attributes Source_of_Geo_Data, City, Name, State_FIPS_Code, Zip_Code_Plus_4, Creator, Type_of_Modes, State, Longitude, Bussiness_Associations, Modification_Date, Created_Date, Latitude, Primary_Mode_Function, Affiliation_with_Mail_Carrier, Unique_ID, ZIP_Code
Services Vector Query API


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