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Utah Percentage of households below poverty line

US Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS)
  • Added 22 Sep 2016
  • Updated 28 Aug 2018

U.S. Census Block Groups represents the U.S. Census block groups of the United States in the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

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Attributes AVE_HH_SZ, ACS_Wrkrs_Publ_Transp_to_Work, MHH_CHILD, FAMILIES, AGE_UNDER5, 2009-2013_ACS_Households_with_Income_Below_Poverty_Level, 2010_Minority_Population, PctPoverty, MARHH_CHD, AVE_FAM_SZ, POP13_SQMI, AGE_25_34, BLACK, sourceCountry, 2010_Renter-occupied_HUs, 2009-2013_ACS_Percent_of_Owner_Households_with_no_vehicles_av, AGE_15_19, AMERI_ES, AGE_10_14, AGE_5_9, MULT_RACE, FEMALES, RENTER_OCC, HAWN_PI, 2010_Total_Population, PctRentersNoCar, MALES, CNTY_FIPS, AGE_85_UP, PctNoCar, ORIG_ID_1, STATE_FIPS, HISPANIC, HSEHLD_1_M, MED_AGE_F, ASIAN, VACANT, HSEHLD_1_F, AGE_45_54, MED_AGE_M, ACS_Workers_16, AGE_75_84, TotalNoCar, POP2013, POP2010, ACS_Total_Households, HSE_UNITS, 2010_Diversity_Index, Shape_Length, MARHH_NO_C, 2010_White_Non-Hisp_Population, OWNER_OCC, SQMI, OTHER, FIPS, AGE_55_64, HasData, WHITE, 2010_Owner-occupied_HUs, ID, AGE_35_44, POP10_SQMI, 2010_Total_Households, sourceCo_1, FHH_CHILD, ACS_Wrkrs_Transp_Walked, ID_1, MED_AGE, AGE_65_74, HOUSEHOLDS, AGE_20_24, STCOFIPS, ACS_RHHs_by_Veh_Avail_0, HasData_1, TRACT, BLKGRP, PctOwnersNoCar, ORIG_ID
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Added 22 Sep 2016 ago
Last checked 5 Sep 2018 ago
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