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City of Pearland, Texas
  • Added 16 Sep 2016

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Technical Details

Layer ID 23282
Data type Vector linestring
Feature count 415
Attributes FourWD, Edit_Date, Cross_Country_Ski, Portage, Mountain_Bike, LWCFProt, Use_Comment, Length_Source, State, Acquisition_Comment, Editor, Dog_Sled, Status, Road_Bike, Design_Use, Equestrian, Acquisition_Method, Other_Protections, ParkID, Restriction_or_Protection_Comments, Snowshoe, Park_ID, Width_Units, Shared_Name, Watercraft_-_Motorized, CityMuni, Hike, Motorized_Use, On-Street_Bike, Difficulty_Rating, Length, Trail_System_Name, System_Type, Year_Open, PRORAGIS_ID, Trail_Surface, Acquisition_Source, ATV, Park_Trail, Width, Trail_Name, Agency_Type, County, Managing_Agency, Snowmobile, Accessibility_Status, Motorcycle, Watercraft_-_Nonmotorized, Length_Units, TrailID
Services Vector Query API


Added 16 Sep 2016 ago
Last checked 1 Sep 2018 ago
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