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Pearland, Texas Repetitive Lost Properties

City of Pearland, Texas
  • Added 21 Nov 2016
  • Updated 30 Aug 2018


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Technical Details

Layer ID 26017
Data type Vector point
Feature count 296 (incl. 9 with empty or null geometries)
Attributes State_Name, Occupancy, Community_Name, Insureds_Name, Comm_Nbr, Zone3, Zone2, Zone1, Mitigated, Zone7, Zone6, Zone5, Zone4, Zone8, Data_Type, Contents_Payment, Single_Line_Input, County_Name, Prior_Comm_Nbr, Tot_Contents_Payment, Zip_Code, Zone, Last_Claimant, As_of_Date, State, Firm, Match_type, Building_Payment, Prior_Zip_Code, Address_Line_2, Address_Line_1, Contents_Payment2, Building_Payment1, Building_Payment2, Building_Payment3, Building_Payment4, Building_Payment5, Building_Payment6, Building_Payment7, Firm1, Firm3, Firm2, Firm5, Firm4, Firm7, Firm6, BOX_2_SW, Firm8, FLOODPRSW, Building_Value, UNABLIDSW, Building_Payment8, User_fld, BOX_1_SW, Local_Property_Identifier, Status, Contents_Payment3, Contents_Payment1, Contents_Payment6, Contents_Payment7, Contents_Payment4, Contents_Payment5, Contents_Payment8, Side, Insured, BOX_4_SW, BOX_3_SW, Losses, Dt_of_Loss, Total_Paid, LOSS, LOSS_1, Tot_Building_Payment, Average_Pay, Dt_of_Loss_ConvertedA, City, Prior_State, NOTSPECSW, Dt_of_Loss_Converted, Score, NOBLDGSW, Prior_City, Dt_of_Loss3, Dt_of_Loss2, Dt_of_Loss5, Dt_of_Loss4, Dt_of_Loss7, Dt_of_Loss6, Dt_of_Loss8, GT100SW, Prior_Address_Line_2, Prior_Address_Line_1, SRL_Indicator, Loc_name, Match_addr, Dt_of_Loss1, County_Nbr, HISTBLDGSW, Addr_type, Prop_Locatr, Occupancy8, Occupancy7, Occupancy6, Occupancy5, Occupancy4, Occupancy3, Occupancy2, Occupancy1
Services Vector Query API


Added 21 Nov 2016 ago
Last checked 1 Sep 2018 ago
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