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RegionsHidalgo County

Technical Details

Layer ID 37577
Data type Vector multipolygon
Feature count 289025 (incl. 4 with empty or null geometries)
Attributes SHAPE_STAr, prop_id_1, situs_street_sufix, QUICKREF, land_sqft, living_area, Location, prop_type, situs_street_prefx, Subdivision, SCHOOLDIST, living_are, situs_state, situs_zip, zip, entities_1, region_1, file_as_na, yr_blt_1, imprv_val, entities, market, situs_street, PRCLUSE, state_cd_1, Precinct, market_1, land_value_1, land_sqft_1, SHAPE_STLe, land_acres_1, cass, OBJECTID, state_cd, MODIFIEDUS, land_acres, land_value, COUNTY, prop_id_12, geo_id_1, situs_num, assessed, land_rate, file_as_name, addr_city, CITY, Shape_Length, legal_desc, OBJECTID_1, situs_unit, region, OBJECTID_2, prop_type_cd, geo_id, imprv_val_1, exemptions_1, exemptions, yr_blt, addr_state, PROP_ID, assessed_1, situs_city, addr_line1, addr_line2, addr_line3
Services Vector Query API


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