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US Coastal Habitats and Prioritized Areas - Watersheds - All Watersheds

US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
  • Added 06 May 2017
  • Updated 30 Aug 2018


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RegionsBaldwin County, Mobile County

Technical Details

Layer ID 39306
Data type Vector polygon
Feature count 107
Attributes HPP_PA_303dstreams_01, STLength, HPP_PO_impervious_Pct, STArea, HPP_Patch_ID, HPP_Is_Border_Patch, HPP_PO_impervious, Watershed, Acres, Hectares, HPP_PA_303dstreams, HPP_PA_303d_poly_01, HPP_Cls_Value, Square_Meters, HPP_PA_303d_poly
Services Vector Query API


Added 6 May 2017 ago
Last checked 1 Sep 2018 ago
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