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NZ Fisheries General Statistical Areas

Ministry of Fisheries
  • Added 15 Mar 2012

This layer shows the Ministry of Fisheries General Statistical Areas as cut to the coastline (LINZ digital topographic data originally created for the NZMS 260 1: 50,000 map series).

The areas are legally defined in various locations and to different degrees of accuracy-

Areas 001-052
Legal definitions for statistical areas (001 to 052) were sourced from the legally
authoritative definition given on Map 9: General Statistical Areas (ambiguity exists as to the precise nature of the boundary between statistical areas 016 and 017 through Cook Strait. This boundary has been digitised according to the boundary depicted on Map 9).
The intersection of areas 37,39 and 40 (near Wanganui) has been updated in
Version 2 of the mapping of the General Statistical areas. The certified General
Statistical Areas Map 9 shows a North East line between areas 37 and 39, meeting
area 40 at a point on the coast. However, on a fine scale, an exact North Easterly
line creates an intersection approximately one kilometre off the Coast. One possible
interpretation of map 9 is that the line between area 37 and 39 should be exactly
North East, or alternatively a line generally North East, meeting area 40 exactly on
the coast. The interpretation shown is that the intersection of the areas should be
exactly on the coast. The mapped intersection is now coincident with the coastline
on the line of latitude south 39degrees 56minutes.

Areas 091-801
The boundaries for statistical areas 091 to 801 are defined in the map “Proposed
Statistical Areas for New Zealand EEZ”, created in December, 1989 (The areas 091
to 801 are not authorized for statutory reporting purposes, and latitude and longitude
positions are required if fishing occurs in these areas). Ambiguity exists with regard
to the diagonal boundaries forming parts of statistical areas 101, 302, 303, 504, 603,
604, 605, 606, 701 and 801. These parts of the boundaries have been constructed
according to the Fisheries Management Area boundaries they appear to follow.


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Added15 Mar 2012
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