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NZ Electoral Wards (2012 Yearly Pattern)

Statistics New Zealand
  • Added 19 May 2012

This dataset is the definitive set of ward boundaries at 1 January 2012 as defined by the territorial authorities and/or Local Government Commission, but maintained by Statistics New Zealand (who are the custodian).

Wards were originally set up within any territorial authority with a population of 20,000. Wards are defined under the local Electoral Act 2001 and result from the division, of the district of a territorial authority for electoral purposes. The ward system was designed to allow for the recognition of communities within a district and to increase community involvement in the local government system. Now, territorial authorities can choose whether they would like to maintain electoral wards. As a result, the number of wards has steadily decreased. Ward boundaries are reviewed in the year immediately preceding the triennial local government elections.


1. ANZLIC Metadata 2012 Wards 107 KB pdf


CategoryBoundaries & Administration
Tagsdigital boundary, electoral
RegionsNew Zealand
MetadataISO 19115/19139, Dublin Core

Technical Details

Layer ID 4247
Data type Vector multipolygon
Feature count 258
Attributes WARD12, NAME
Services Vector Query API


Added19 May 2012
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Current revision Imported on May 18, 2012 from Shapefile in NZGD2000 / New Zealand Transverse Mercator 2000. 1 geometry modified to be OGC compliant. Changelog.
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