Finland 1:1,000,000 Administrative Region Boundaries

28 May 2012

This dataset was first added to Koordinates on 28 May 2012.

General map 1:1,000,000 is a dataset depicting the terrain and covering the whole of Finland. The most important target groups are water systems, traffic route networks and administrative borders. The administrative borders, the nomenclature and the traffic route network are updated every year and the other elements every 5 years.

Contains data from the National Land Survey of Finland Topographic Database 05/2012


Technical Details
Layer ID 4274
Data type Vector linestring
Feature count 995
Attributes Kohderyhma, Kohdeluokk
Services Vector Query API
Added 28 May 2012
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Current revision Imported on May 28, 2012 from Shapefile in ETRS89 / TM35FIN(N,E).