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Trees - urban trees, notable trees, coastal trees

Trees collectively contribute to the unique natural character of many of our neighbourhoods, riparian and coastal areas. Trees provide an important role in the functioning of our environment as they support bird life and provide shelter and privacy, assimilate carbon and improve air quality. Trees and native vegetation, particularly pohutukawa, are an integral part of the coastal landscape of Auckland. They make a significant contribution to the visual amenity and natural character of the coast while also providing important ecological and site stability benefits.Individual trees and groups of trees that have met the notable tree criteria are considered to be among the most significant trees in Auckland. These trees have been specifically identified to ensure the benefits they provide are retained for future generations.

Trees in roads and reserves

Trees located within roads and reserves are an important public asset and need to be managed appropriately. As urban areas intensify, public open space will be relied on to a greater extent to provide amenity in these areas. Trees in our parks and reserves contribute towards Auckland being a desirable place to live and are an important part of Auckland’s natural heritage and identity. Trees located within roads provide a range of values including making roads more attractive and contributing to pedestrian amenity. Environmentally, trees provide important functional values in terms of storing carbon and providing habitat and food for wildlife. The road reserve has a large range of uses particularly for network utilities and at times these can conflict with the presence of trees. A balance of these competing uses needs to be achieved.


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