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PUP Historic Heritage Extent Of Place

Auckland Proposed Unitary Plan (Sep 2013)
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This overlay identifies places of significant historic heritage value which are placed on the historic heritage schedule (Appendix 9) and are also shown on the planning maps. Places on the schedule have been evaluated and have significant historic heritage value to their locality, the region or nation.A scheduled historic heritage place can range from an individual feature to a place that encompasses multiple features and/or properties, including land or water within the public realm. They include conservation areas.Each historic heritage place has been assigned a category with associated controls on protection, development, demolition and use. Controls of places subject to the overlay may differ from the underlying zone. A historic heritage place may include one of more structures and a defined area surrounding them.The rules in this overlay apply to all land and water within the extent of the scheduled historic heritage place. There are three categories of scheduled historic heritage places: 1. category A places: have exceptional overall heritage significance to the Auckland region or a greater geographic area2. category B places: have considerable overall heritage significance to the locality or greater geographic area3. conservation areas: places with an overall concentration of historic heritage places with a strong relationship to each other, and are substantially unchanged since the period of the place’s significance. As a group, they will have at least considerable overall heritage significance to the locality or greater geographic area. Some scheduled historic heritage places are identified as category A* in Appendix 9. These are the ‘top tier’ places from the heritage schedules of the legacy district plans of Rodney, Franklin and Papakura district councils; the Manukau and Waitakere city councils, and the Auckland Regional Coastal Plan. They have been distinguished from category A places because slightly different rules relate to the destruction or demolition of their primary features. Category A^ places are the top tier legacy places from the heritage schedule of the legacy North Shore District Plan. The primary features of Category A and A* places are those which form the fundamental basis of why a historic heritage place has been scheduled. These primary features are identified int he schedule and shown on the planning maps. In addition to the requirements of the Unitary Plan, the Historic Places Act 1993 requires an applicant to obtain an authority to modify from the New Zealand Historic Places Trust before any archaeological site as defined in that act is destroyed, damaged or modified. This includes sites that are not recorded.The rules relating to land use in the underlying zone will apply to scheduled historic heritage places. However, where an application is sought to use a scheduled historic heritage place for an activity that isn’t provided for as a permitted activity in the underlying zone. In considering the application, the council have regard to the fact that the place is a scheduled historic heritage place, and the extent to which the proposed use will secure its long-term viability, impact on adjoining neighbourhood and retention. The rules for scheduled historic heritage places recognises the importance of ongoing repair and maintenance of historic heritage places and allows these as a permitted activity, subject to complying with permitted activity standards.


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