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Natural lake management areas

The Natural Lake Management Areas overlay comprise 14 permanent dune lakes in rural Auckland and a 50m buffer strip surrounding the lake edge, measured landward from the mean annual water level (MAWL). These lakes are located in three main areas - South Kaipara Peninsula, north-east coast inland of Pakiri Beach, and Awhitu Peninsula.The natural lakes vary in terms of their water quality, ecological and recreational values and the land uses within their catchments. They are fed by small streams and overland flow, but have no natural stream outlets. Lake water levels are influenced by groundwater levels, water uptake rates by vegetation in the catchment and the amount of authorised water takes. Where there are areas of indigenous vegetation and marshland around the lake margins, they are important habitats for indigenous birds as well as introduced waterfowl. Where water quality is good, such as in Lake Ototoa, indigenous aquatic plants and native fish are healthy and abundant. However, many of the natural lakes suffer from poor water quality as a result of nutrient and sediment runoff from surrounding pastoral land. A significant impact has also come from the presence of invasive aquatic weed species and the presence of exotic fish. Although these fish provide fishing opportunities for anglers, they adversely affect native fish numbers. Some of the natural lakes are used for seasonal boating and other surface water recreational activities, and have significant areas of public reserve or parkland in their catchments. Other lakes are more isolated, with only limited public access to the lakes and around their margins.

Urban lake management areas

There are two urban lakes in Auckland - Lake Pupuke and Western Springs lake. Lake Pupuke is formed from an old volcano and is characterised by the absence of any stream flowing in and out of it, with the main source and discharge being the movement of groundwater. Western Springs similarly derives its water from groundwater flow, but it has an outlet via a weir to Motions Creek. Lake Pupuke is surrounded by residential and commercial development. Areas of publicly owned land are interspersed with many private sections fronting onto the lake shore. Western Springs is surrounded by public reserve. Both lakes are important for their open space, recreational and amenity values.The main impacts on the water quality of Lake Pupuke come from the contaminants in stormwater discharges into the lake, wastewater overflows and fertiliser runoff from surrounding private gardens and the public reserve. Western Springs has a lower water quality, due to contamination from faecal matter associated with the duck population.


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