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High Use aquifer management areas

Aquifers are important as direct sources of water supply for domestic, industrial and rural use. They are also the major contribution to the base flow of many streams, particularly in the southern parts of Auckland. As such aquifers contribute to the overall quality and diversity of surface water bodies. Some aquifers are under threat, by being more than 50 per cent allocated to provide water to users, as well as being major sources of spring and stream flow. They are also adversely affected by over pumping or are in areas of high potential growth, where they are likely to become highly allocated over the life of this plan. These aquifers are identified as high-use aquifer management areas. Careful management of water availability in these aquifers is required to meet user needs and at the same time maintain base flows for surface streams. This means that most proposals to take or use groundwater from aquifers will be assessed through the resource consent process

Quality sensitive aquifer management areas

These aquifers are shallow and unconfined and therefore susceptible to pollution from surface sources, such as excess fertiliser application or discharges of contaminants such as stormwater or sewage. The potential for contamination is highest in the volcanic aquifers where discharge to aquifers is most direct. They are important sources of water for rural and industrial purposes, as well as providing base flow to surface streams in some areas.


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