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Draft Auckland Unitary Plan (March 2013) - Interim Rural Urban Boundary

  • Added 29 Nov 2013

Interim rural-urban boundary.

This is the description from the website, where you can also give feedback.
The Unitary Plan will be Auckland’s planning ‘rulebook’, setting out where and how our city grows in the future.
This rulebook is the next step in bringing Auckland together. It will replace former regional and district plans with one document focused on delivering the vision of the Auckland Plan, to make this world’s most liveable city.
The draft Auckland Unitary Plan (March 2013) will offer a simpler, more consistent set of rules that apply Auckland-wide. These draft rules are now available to everyone, from homeowners to developers, in one user-friendly, online e-plan.
The draft Auckland Unitary Plan (March 2013) on this site is a draft for informal public feedback. The feedback from this round of engagement will help us to make sure we have a high quality plan ready for notification and formal consultation later in the year.

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RegionsTidal-Waiheke Island, Silverdale North, Orewa, Hatfields Beach, Auckland

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