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  • Added 05 Sep 2018
  • Updated 21 Jun 2019

This dataset is the primary transportation layer output from the CAMS application and database. This file is a street centerline network in development by Los Angeles County to move toward a public domain street centerline and addess file. This dataset can be used for two purposes:Geocoding addresses in LA County – this file currently geocodes > 99.5% of the addresses in our test files (5,000 out of 8 million addresses) using the County’s geocoding engines.This last statement is important – the County splits the street names and addresses differently than most geocoders. This means that you cannot just use this dataset with the standard ESRI geocoding (US Streets) engine.

© US Census Bureau, TIGER, LA County, RRCC


Copyright Copyright may apply. Please check the source for more information.
RegionsLos Angeles County

Technical Details

Layer ID 96008
Data type Vector linestring
Feature count 4396
Attributes NameCategory, Elevation, STLength, IndexLabel, FullName, Type
Services Vector Query API

Last updated 21 Jun 2019 ago
Last checked 4 Mar 2021 ago
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