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City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Hydrology

City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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AbstractPolylgon geometric features representing the waterways and impoundments in Philadelphia only. Data DevelopmentInitial data was captured from orthoimagery flown in 2004 by Sanborn. A combination of automated feature extraction (Planimetrics), desktop digitization and field survey is the basis for this dataset which is updated regularly by PWD. As new orthoimagery reveals changes in stream geometry, adjustments are made to the polygon and line file to reflect reality. The resolution and accuracy of newer orthoimagery improve over time, allowing more detailed feature extraction.Office of Watersheds staff maintains the feature datasets regularly, making geometric and attribute changes or adding new streams or infrastructure. The database is setup to reflect various forms of infrastructure along streams such as culverts, bridges, dams, and channelized segments. Additionally, unique segment and reach IDs were added to correlate to PWD Fluvial Geomorphology stream studies. USGS NHD Stream Names and IDs have been carried over and stream order classifications using both the Shreve and Strahler methods are coded. See the tables below for more detailed attribute entity information.Key attribute field names and descriptionsCREEK_NAME - Name of WaterwayMUNI - Municipal BoundaryCOUNTY - County NameWATERSHED - Major WatershedSUBSHED - Subshed or BasinLABEL - Use field for map labelingSEGMENT_ID - ID to stream segment between cross sectionsREACH_ID - ID to stream reach half the distance to cross section upstream and downstreamFGM_CODE - FGM PrefixINF1 - Infrastucture types including; None(Natural Stream), Bridged, Culverted, Impoundment (Lake, Pond, Reservior) INF2 - Channelized stream: Yes, No INF3 - Downstream Channel Position including: Left Bank, Right Bank, Bottom, Both Banks, All Sides, Left Bank and Bottom, Right Bank and BottomINF4 - Type of ImpoundmentINF_ID - Corresponds to internal Infrastructure IDSOURCE - Source of Orthophotography or SurveyGNIS_NAM - Name of Waterway in NHDGNIS_ID - ID of Waterway in NHDMON_ID - Corresponds to internal Monitoring ID (upstream of Monitoring location)RESTORATION_ID - Corresponds to internal Restoration Project IDORDER_SHREVE - Stream Order - Shreve MethodORDER_STRAHLER - Stream Order - Strahler MethodUREACHID - Upper Reach IDFACILITYID - Facility IDEDITOR - EditorEDIT_DATE - Editor DateCoordinate S

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RegionsPhiladelphia, Millbourne, East Lansdowne, Yeadon, Colwyn

Technical Details

Layer ID 96542
Data type Vector multipolygon
Feature count 2030
Attributes Data_Source, Edit_Date, NOTES, MUNICIPALITY, Stream_Order_Shreve_Method, Restoration_ID, LABEL, Infrastructure_ID, Stream_Order_Strahler_Method, BASIN, Upper_Reach_ID, Channel, SHAPE_Length, REACH_ID, EDITOR, CREEK_NAME, Impoundment_Type, SEGMENT_ID, Monitoring_ID, WATERSHED, COUNTY, GNIS_NAME, Infrastructure, Channel_Position, FACILITYID, GNIS_ID, RIVER_MILE,
Services Vector Query API


Added9 Sep 2018
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Current revision Imported on Sept. 9, 2018 from Esri JSON in NAD83 / Pennsylvania South (ftUS). 11 geometries modified to be OGC compliant. Changelog.
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