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Portland, Oregon Heritage Trees

City of Portland, Oregon
  • Added 11 Sep 2018
  • Updated 03 Jul 2019

Points representing trunk locations of Heritage Trees of Portland.

--Additional Information:
Category: Environmental
Purpose: The Heritage Tree ordinance calls for the City Forester to annually prepare a list of trees that - because of their age, size, type, historical association or horticultural value - are of special importance to the City
Update Frequency: Annually

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Technical Details

Layer ID 96780
Data type Vector point
Feature count 318
Attributes Site_Notes, Species_Fact_Short, Tree_Fact_Long, Ordinance, Tree_ID, Vol_Inspection, Spread, Spread_Date, Latitude, Status, Circumference_Date, Site_Address, Date_Delisted, Ownership, Year_Designated, Species_Fact_Long, Circumference, Scientific_Name, Tree_Fact_Short, Notes, County_Rec, Longitude, Height_Date, Common_Name, State_ID, Diameter, Plaque_notes, Neighborhood, Delist_Reason, Date_Designated, Plaque_adjustment_date, Delist_Ordinance, Height, Native
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