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Portland, Oregon Street Trees

City of Portland, Oregon
  • Added 11 Sep 2018

Street trees mapped and identified by Portland Parks & Recreation's Urban Forestry division

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Category: Parks
Purpose: No purpose information available.
Update Frequency: Annually

© City of Portland, Oregon

This layer is sourced from CGIS Open Data.


RegionsMultnomah County

Technical Details

Layer ID 96784
Data type Vector point
Feature count 218602
Attributes Collect_By, Spec_Desc, Planted_By, Type, Wires, Scientific, Site_Width, Address, Neighborhd, Site_Size, Edible, Notes, Common, Genus, SurveyDate, DBH, Plant_Date, Site_Type, Family, Site_Dev, Condition, Species, Size
Services Vector Query API


Added11 Sep 2018
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Current revision Imported on Sept. 11, 2018 from Esri JSON in WGS 84 / Pseudo-Mercator.
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