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Portland, Oregon Addresses

City of Portland, Oregon
  • Added 12 Sep 2018
  • Updated 04 Jul 2019
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Points representing the locations of known active addresses in the Portland Metro Region. Addresses have been culled from the County Assessor records, utility billing systems and City of Portland records.

© City of Portland, Oregon


RegionsClackamas County, Multnomah County, Washington County

Technical Details

Layer ID 96788
Data type Vector point
Feature count 823126
Attributes City, Post_Dir, Add_No_Txt, Address_No, Source, State, X, St_Type, Full_Addr, Prefix_Dir, State_Abbr, Full_Name, Y, State_ID, St_Name, TaxLot_ID, Address_ID, Zip_Plus_4, Juris, County, Lead_Zero, MAR_Status, Unit_Value, Zip_Code
Services Vector Query API


Added12 Sep 2018
Last updated4 Jul 2019
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Current revision Imported on July 3, 2019 from Esri JSON in WGS 84 / Pseudo-Mercator.
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