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  • Added 12 Sep 2018
  • Updated 04 Jul 2019

This linear feature class is part of the Bureau of Transportation’s sidewalk system (the entire system consists of sidewalk, corners and curbs). Curbs not only provide the edge for the pedestrian network but they also channel water to the drainage system which helps preserve the street pavement. This dataset contains five types of curbs under the attribute CurbType. These first three types are actual curbs, most commonly constructed of concrete: Blockface (3110), Corner (3120) and Island (3130). The dataset also includes Shoulders (3140), which graphically indicate the edge of pavement where there is no structural curb, and Parking Blocks (3150), which are generally short lengths of flexible curb used as an extra safety barrier, such as in bicycle corral configurations. Attribution includes width, style and drainage information.

--Additional Information:
Category: Transportation - Assets
Purpose: To provide location and configuration information for the curb portion of the City of Portland's sidewalk network. Locations arenot mapped with high precision but every effort is made to continually improve accuracy.

© City of Portland, Oregon

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RegionsMultnomah County

Technical Details

Layer ID 96794
Data type Vector multilinestring
Feature count 113784
Attributes CurbType, SHAPE_Length, ImagePath, HistFeatures, AssetID, MaintResp, DrainTiles, Width, LocationID, Owner, CurbStyle
Services Vector Query API

Last updated 4 Jul 2019 ago
Last checked 19 May 2022 ago
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