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  • Added 12 Sep 2018
  • Updated 04 Jul 2019

Street centerline network for the City of Portland, Multnomah County, Clark County and Washington County. This dataset does not yet include the data fields and structure necessary for performing routing operations.

--Additional Information:
Category: Transportation - Streets
Purpose: Provides a base for addressing, street maintenance planning and tracking for street segments in the City of Portland. Displays the transportation infrastructure for the region including the City of Portland.

© City of Portland, Oregon


Copyright Copyright may apply. Please check the source for more information.
RegionsClackamas County, Multnomah County, Washington County

Technical Details

Layer ID 96796
Data type Vector linestring
Feature count 108078
Attributes Right_Side_Jurisdiction_Name, BTM_Segment_ID, Street_Name, Segment_Data_Last_Update_Date, Left_Side_City_Name, LEFTADD1, LEFTADD2, Full_Street_Name, Travel_Direction, Street_Name_Type, Left_Side_Street_Name_ID, Portland_From_Node_ID, Left_Side_County_Name, RGTADD2, RGTADD1, Census_Feature_Class_Code_CFCC, Transport_Type, Street_Name_Suffix, To_Z_Level, Side_Label, Segment_ID, Data_Maintenance_Sub_Area, RIGHTZIP, Right_Side_City_Name, SHAPE_Length, LEFTZIP, From_Z_Level, Segment_Data_Creation_Date, Right_Side_Street_Name_ID, Primary_Street_Name_ID, Street_Name_Prefix, Leading_Zero_Indicator, Right_Side_County_Name, Left_Side_Jurisdiction_Name, LENGTH, Structure_Type, Portland_To_Node_ID, Segment_Data_Source
Services Vector Query API

Last updated 4 Jul 2019 ago
Last checked 19 May 2022 ago
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