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Portland, Oregon Sewer Pipes

City of Portland, Oregon
  • Added 12 Sep 2018
  • Updated 04 Jul 2019

This layer is sourced from City of Portland Sewer & Stormwater Utilities.

© City of Portland, Oregon


RegionsMultnomah County

Technical Details

Layer ID 96806
Data type Vector multilinestring
Feature count 51775
Attributes Symbology_Group, Hansen_Unit_Type, Hansen_UnitID, STLength, Edit_Date, Detailed_Symbol, System, Inlet_Type, Cleanout_Location, SUBTYPE, Downstream_Depth, Pipe_Shape, TAPDIST, Cleanout_Present, Upstream_UnitID, Pipe_Size, SHAPE_Length, Data_Source, Upstream_Elevation, Responsible_Party, Hansen_Component_Key, Hansen_LastModDate, Installation_Date, Layer_Group, Downstream_Elevation, TAP_LABEL, Ownership, Address, Swale_Liner_Coverage, Pipe_Heighth, Tap_Location, Service_Line_Type, Lateral_Depth, Hansen_LastModBy, Agreement_End, Y_Coordinate, Shape_STLength_1, Sub_Area, Downstream_UnitID, Job_Number_-_As_Built, Date_Abandoned, Global_Identifier, ChannelType, Parallel_Line_Number, Surveyed_Length, SOURCE_TABLE, Sheet_Number, Abandoned_By_Job, Angled_Lateral_Dist, Pipe_Material, Shape_STLength_12, Map_Number, X_Coordinate, Agreement_ID, Service_Status, Upstream_Depth, COMPTYPE
Services Vector Query API


Added12 Sep 2018
Last updated4 Jul 2019
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Current revision Imported on July 3, 2019 from Esri JSON in WGS 84 / Pseudo-Mercator.
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