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The Existing Land Use feature class was created using a variety of sources to compile an initial database, then verified and edited through extensive field work. Sources used to create the initial layer included: Tax data, building codes, and existing datasets(i.e. parks, daycare locations, threatened agriculture). After using these sources to classify as many parcels' land use as possible, any remaining null values were given a classification using aerials and pictometry, or an internet search engine if needed. If a parcel's land use could not be classified using any of these sources, then the parcel would be classified as Unknown until verified in the field. Initial field verification took place between August 2011 to March 2012. This was performed by a team of 2-3 people using ArcGIS in the field. The MUMPO region was divided into smaller study areas and as many roads as possible were covered in each area. After completing a survey of an area, any land use errors noted in the field were edited back at the office.

This layer is a component of The Dynamic service supports the Virtual Charlotte application.

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RegionsMecklenburg County, Union County

Technical Details

Layer ID 96912
Data type Vector multipolygon
Feature count 405806 (incl. 3 with empty or null geometries)
Attributes Existing_Land_Use, STLength, Juris, STArea, Comments, County, Database_Editor, Date_Verified, Field_Work_Staff
Services Vector Query API

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