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Berkeley County, SC Sewer Main

Berkeley County, South Carolina
  • Added 12 Sep 2018

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RegionsGoose Creek-Hanahan

Technical Details

Layer ID 97032
Data type Vector linestring
Feature count 16111
Attributes DIAMETER, EAMPRECSN, Percent_of_Slope, MATERIAL, EAMCODE, Enabled_1, Rehab_As-Built_Name, CityWorks_Condition, Shape_STLength, Year_Installed, WWTP_Service_Area, CityWorks_Facility_ID, Pump_Station_Basin, Abandoned_Year, GISOBJID, CityWorks_Warranty_Date, Number_of_Rehabs, EAMUOM, Force_Main_Air_Pocket, Rehab_Material, Condition_Adjustment_Year, Trunk_Line_Name, LOCATION, As-Built_SharePoint_Link, EAMTYPE, Rehab_Year, As-Built_SharePoint_Name, Failure_of_Consequence, EAMSTAT, Enabled, PTODATE, Descriptor, Length, Neighborhood_Name, Line_Type, System_Type, EAMUOMREF, CityWorks_Condition_Date, CityWorks_Asset_ID, EstimatedYearInstalled, Data_Recorded_By, Duplicates, BCWS_ID, MOW, Future_R_R_Method, EAMDESC, Service_Adjustment_Year, ServiceStatus, As-Built_Name
Services Vector Query API

Added 12 Sep 2018 ago
Last checked 4 Mar 2021 ago
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