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Kern County, CA Parcels - Mineral

Kern County, California
  • Added 13 Sep 2018
  • Updated 27 Jun 2019

This feature class contains "Mineral Rights" (subsurface) parcel boundaries which are assessed separately from the land (surface) parcels.This feature class includes all mineral rights parcels listed on the mineral tax roll, but does not include land (surface) parcels, mobilehomes, or unsecured entities.Mineral parcels are further categorized as either "producing" or "non-producing". While all producing mineral parcels are assessed, non-producing mineral parcels are assessed only if they have an "indication of value", such as those purchased or leased for the purpose of exploration. Mineral parcels having no indication of value are not assessed, and therefore are not mapped, maintained, or otherwise tracked by the Assessor in this (or any other) dataset.Parcels are modeled as planimetric polygons in a seamless fabric comprising the spatial extent of the County of Kern, in the State of California.Tax Roll Data is available in separate database tables, which can be joined to the feature class using the APN field as a key.

© Kern County Assessor's Office, Mapping Section.

This layer is a component of Dev Assessor mxd.


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RegionsKern County

Technical Details

Layer ID 97141
Data type Vector multipolygon
Feature count 4681
Attributes APN_LABEL, STArea, APN, APN9, STLength
Services Vector Query API

Last updated 27 Jun 2019 ago
Last checked 18 Jul 2022 ago
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