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New Jersey Place Names

State of New Jersey
  • Added 14 Sep 2018

The place name locations in this data were obtained via download from the United States Geological Survey, Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) website: The NJ_Features database version was last updated 12/1/2017 and containes 21,892 records. The downloaded data contained 2,598 place names throughout the state of New Jersey. The data was then modified to include only two characterizations of type - populated place and a selection of locale (non-official locations). Thus, this data includes points that represent municipal and other official boundaries as well as various federally recognized neighborhoods and communities.

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RegionsNew Jersey

Technical Details

Layer ID 97257
Data type Vector point
Feature count 2641
Attributes County, USGS_Quad, Municipality, Elevation_ft, Longitude, Feature_Classification, FEATURE_ID, NJSPC_Northing_Y, Place, NJSPC_Easting_X, Latitude, Date_Created, Date_Edited
Services Vector Query API

Added 14 Sep 2018 ago
Last checked 4 Mar 2021 ago
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