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This data set contains protected open space and recreation areas owned in fee simple interest by the State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP). Types of property in this data layer include parcels such as parks, forests, historic sites, natural areas and wildlife management areas. The data was derived from a variety of source maps including tax maps, surveys and even hand-drafted boundary lines on USGS topographic maps. These source materials vary in scale and level of accuracy. Due to the varied mapped sources and methods of data capture, this data set is limited in its ability to portray all open space lands accurately, particularly the parcels purchased prior to 1991.

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RegionsNew Jersey

Technical Details

Layer ID 97262
Data type Vector multipolygon
Feature count 82286
Attributes Management_Type, Fee_Simple_Name, Access, Lot, CREATED_DATE, Feature_Source, StatCode, Alternate_Name, SHAPE_Length, Qualifier_Code, Funding_Type, Encumbrance_Type, Owner_Type, GIS_Acres, PAMS_Pin, LAST_EDITED_DATE, Primary_Use, Block, Designation_Date, Municipality_Code, Municipality, County, Manager, Owner, GA_Encumbered
Services Vector Query API

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