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Outlines of areas mined for the Wade Coal in Illinois. Mining in this seam ceased ca. 1940. This information was extracted from detailed coal mine data stored in the ISGS Coal Section library database. Lines delineate the approximate outer boundary of individual mines (if known) or general mined areas. Interior mine boundaries such as pillars or small blocks of unmined coal are commonly not depicted. Outlines have been compiled from a variety of sources. Outlines of areas mined before 1987 are commonly from source maps at scales of 1:62,500 or smaller. Outlines of areas mined since 1987 are commonly digitized at scales ranging from 1:4800 to 1:12,000. Mines whose extent is not known or which only mined a few acres are not included in this coverage. Additional information is available from the Coal Section of the Illinois State Geological Survey. Mine outlines from completed Coal Mine Quadrangle Studies were included in this feature class if applicable. An ongoing study, the detailed Coal Mine Quadrangle maps depict the best-known position of mine boundaries with respect to individual properties as located on a USGS topographic map image base. For a list of completed quadrangles please visit the ISGS Coal Section website or contact the Coal Section. This datafile was compiled and updated in 2014 in order to provide a current, state-wide data set showing surface and underground coal mines of the Wade Coal. Due to the wide range of source map scales, these data are suitable for regional applications only at the 1:100,000 scale or smaller.

© Data capture, compilation and library maintenance: Marge Bargh, Colin Treworgy, and other ISGS Coal Section staff Compilation of library tiles to create this product: Chris Korose Documentation: Cheri Chenoweth, Chris Korose, and Alan Myers Quality Review: Cheri Chenoweth, Chris Korose, and Alan Myers
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RegionsIllinois, Vermillion County

Technical Details

Layer ID 97272
Data type Vector multipolygon
Feature count 8910 (incl. 2 with empty or null geometries)
Attributes FILLCODE, Start_Year, POST_LAW, M_INDEX2, M_INDEX3, SEAM, Mine_Name, prelaw, METHOD3, AREA, End_Year, M_INDEX, PIT, METHOD, Coal_Company, METHOD2, TYPE_LABEL, Index_4digit, ACRES, COUNTY, ACTIVE, METHOD_LABEL, TYPE3, TYPE2, Shape_Length, POSACC, map_83, length_4, ACRE, TYPE, map_date
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