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Hennepin County, MN Ecologically Significant Areas

Hennepin County, Minnesota
  • Added 19 Sep 2018

This layer is a component of Natural resources interactive map.


RegionsHennepin County, Fridley, St. Anthony

Technical Details

Layer ID 97471
Data type Vector polygon
Feature count 2677
Attributes LEVEL_3, NOTES, M_73X, M_62X, M_418, M_419, M_406, M_71X, M_412, M_413, M_410, C_NUM, M_416, M_417, M_414, M_415, IMG_TYPE, M_411, M_421, M_74X, STArea, M_61X, M_23X, M_25X, M_0XX, M_5XX, SOURCE, M_34X, M_32X, M_27X, C_ALPHA, IMG_CODE, FLD_LEVEL, LEVEL_1, M_30X, C_TEXT, FLD_CODE, M_423, M_422, M_420, HECTARES, GlobalID, COMM_ID_NU, ACRES, M_409, FLD_DATE, M_60X, LEVEL_5, M_401, M_400, M_403, M_402, M_405, M_404, M_407, M_2XX, PERIMETER, M_72X, M_499, STLength, M_75X, M_408, M_22X, SP_LIST, M_24X, M_26X, M_33X, M_31X, UNIQUE_ID
Services Vector Query API


Added19 Sep 2018
Revisions 1 - Browse all revisions
Current revision Imported on Sept. 19, 2018 from Esri JSON in NAD83 / UTM zone 15N. 3 geometries modified to be OGC compliant. Changelog.
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