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Memphis, TN Census Tracts (2010)

City of Memphis, Tennessee
  • Added 20 Sep 2018

]\This layer is a component of MemConnect.

Map Memphis Demographics


RegionsShelby County

Technical Details

Layer ID 97585
Data type Vector multipolygon
Feature count 1791
Attributes POP2000, MHH_CHILD, FAMILIES, AGE_UNDER5, AGE_35_44, 10_000_to_14_999, MARHH_CHD, NumberRaceAsian, AVE_FAM_SZ, PercentRaceAmericanIndian, PercentRaceAsian, AGE_25_34, BLACK, 200_000_or_more, Median_household_income, 100_000_to_149_999, 75_000_to_99_999, FemalePopulationNumber, AGE_15_19, AMERI_ES, MED_AGE_F, AGE_5_9, MULT_RACE, FEMALES, RENTER_OCC, HAWN_PI, NumberRaceWhite, NumberRaceBlack, MALES, CNTY_FIPS, AGE_85_UP, STATE_FIPS, HISPANIC, HSEHLD_1_M, NumberRaceAmericanIndian, ASIAN, VACANT, HSEHLD_1_F, AGE_45_54, MED_AGE_M, AGE_10_14, TotalPopulationNumber, 50_000_to_74_999, POP2010, 150_000_to_199_999, 15_000_to_24_999, HSE_UNITS, 25_000_to_34_999, MARHH_NO_C, 35_000_to_49_999, NumberRaceHispanic, SQMI, OTHER, FIPS, PercentRaceBlack, AGE_55_64, FHH_CHILD, WHITE, FemalePopulationPercent, Less_than_10_000, AVE_HH_SZ, POP10_SQMI, Shape_Length, PercentRaceWhite, PercentRaceHispanic, ObjectID, MalePopulationNumber, MED_AGE, AGE_65_74, HOUSEHOLDS, TRACT_1, AGE_20_24, STCOFIPS, MalePopulationPercent, AGE_75_84, TRACT, OWNER_OCC, FIPS_1, POP00_SQMI, Id
Services Vector Query API


Added20 Sep 2018
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