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Fulton County, GA Building Footprint

Fulton County, Georgia
  • Added 20 Sep 2018

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This dataset represents the base (ground-level) outline, or footprint, of buildings and other man-made structures in Fulton County, Georgia. The original data were produced by digitizing structures from 1988 aerial ortho-photography. Updates to the data were made from aerial ortho-photography from 1999, 2000, 2002, and 2005. In 2010, the data table structures was modified to include a number of attributes derived from tax assessment data through a spatial join of structures with tax parcels. The attributes include feature type (residential or commercial), structure form (conventional, ranch, colonial, etc.), number of stories, and the year built. In 2012, updates to features began using building sketch data collected by the Fulton County Tax Assessors. The building sketch data consist of turtle graphics type descriptors defining (in ungeo-referenced space) the ground-level outline of each structure in the County. These descriptors were converted to an ESRI SDE feature class using Python, georeferencing each structure by placing it in the center of its associated tax parcel. Each structure shape was is then manually translated and rotated into position using aerial imagery as a reference. As of May 2014, this update process was still in progress.

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Technical Details

Layer ID 97617
Data type Vector multipolygon
Feature count 372509 (incl. 57 with empty or null geometries)
Attributes RoofElev, AreaSqFt, Comments, LUC, GEO_OID, LiveUnits, FeatType, LUESRICode, LUCDesc, RuleID_1, FeatureID, StructForm, LUCShtDesc, RuleID, CreateDate, STRUCT_ID, Stories, LUESRIDesc, YearBuilt, BaseElev
Services Vector Query API

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